Course Breakdown

    1. Exploring Aesthetic Wonders: The Beauty of Art

    2. The Art Of Islamic Geometric Design

    3. Islamic Geometric Design Template

    4. Istanbul's Historical Mosques

    5. Al-Hambra: Granada, Spain

    1. Checkmate: A Game of Kings and Ancient Origins

    2. Chess Board Design Template

    3. The Chess of Existence: Mastering Life's Moves

    4. Chess Chronicles: From Origins to Modern Mastery

    1. The Power Of Understanding

    2. Cultivating Intellectual Expansion

    3. Inaugurating Academia: The World's First University & Its Visionary

    4. Creating Your Vision Board

    5. Pioneers Of Knowledge & Wisdom: Muslim Intellectuals

    6. Great Muslim Minds: al-Jazari

    7. Great Muslim Minds: al-Khawarizmi

    1. Capturing Moments: The History Of Photography

    2. The Human Anatomy: Blind Spot Assessment

    3. The Visual World Of Ibn al-Haytham

    4. From Darkroom to Digital: Advancement of Photography

Course Overview

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  • 20 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content
  • 4 Sessions
  • Interactive Classes
  • Engaging Activities

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